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The Gap By: Ira Glass


For this project I was asked to create a visual narrative that told am important story to me. This 2009 interview with Ira Glass is something that really resonates with me and I find myself watching every couple months. Ira speaks to creatives and explains a common problem many of face; our work not being as good as our ambitions and how to close that gap. The concept for this developed in a meta way of thinking, that the process of making the the project would be the video itself. The video speaks to creatives to encourage and uplift, in the sense that this is a common experience and relatable. This lead me to think about the creative process and commonality, which sparked the idea of creative tutorials that many use and follow via Youtube etc. Many of these tutorial videos are done via screen recordings, so what better way to display this idea than actual screen recordings. The projects goal was to show a sort of pseudo behind the scenes of a creative that has an almost quirky and relatable feeling that other creatives can relate to.