The New York Bender

New York Bender Brand and promotion.


The New York Bender is a specially designed hangover kit for those in the know. The brand is a concept built on the idea of brand recognition and night life culture. The project was to build a brand for a product from scratch and then make a physical product, brand extensions, and a point of sale that matches the brand. The project started with creating a brand for a product and doing user research in order to identify a specific demographic for the product. From there I created a brand and visual identity to match that would speak to a specific audience.   


The main aspect to this project was the physical products and packaging themselves. Creating a visual identity within the packaging and form was obvious, but researching and selecting what the products consist of wasn’t as obvious. From Sushi to marijuana hangover ‘cures’ are pretty wide spread however some of the reoccurring themes were water, ibuprofen, and food high in fats. After narrowing down a wide list the products that fit the brand, hangover needs, and price point for the bender box were water, a protein bar, ibuprofen, activated charcoal, sunglasses, and even a lighter for any smokable cures.