A collection of side projects, personal projects, and commissioned work. This gallery will be updated periodically.


“The Gap” by Ira glass

A short excerpt from This American Life’s Ira Glass. Glass speaks on the struggle of creatives in reaching their goals, improving their work, and the metaphorical gap in a creatives career. This video shows the behind the scenes look at a designer creating and moving through said “gap.” The video is a screen recorded clip showing a tutorial style composition of screens that narrate what Glass is saying in the video.



A visual representation of my brain. Created for 24 hour Instagram Stories.



The “designer” bag project brief was to create any type of carrier or bag and brand it. However it transformed into a functional handbag or tote bag that set out to challenge the idea of what defines luxury and makes something a “designer” product. The bag is made of thick craft paper, clear shrink wrap, white Helvetica vinyl applied letters, canvas straps with metal snap closures, metal ring feature, and red Italian leather details. Designed, crafted, styled, and shot by me.