Clayton Foshaug is a visual designer based in Seattle, Washington who continuously shows his love for typography, fashion, and skateboarding nostalgia. Currently finishing his BFA in Design at Western Washington University Clayton will be graduating in the spring of 2019. Clayton has been able to find purpose in design through intentionally crafting work that specializes in editorial, branding, UI as well as web and product design. He has taken the time to build his skill sets up to the point where he is able to articulate the knowledge and experience gained from mentors while adding his own expertise with confidence. Coming from a six year background in freelance photography, Clayton favors incorporating photo imagery into his work and daily life wherever possible.  Focused on continuous learning, he is always seeking growth and knowledge to develop his career. Valuing good taste, curation, and research, Clayton strives to create pieces with layers and depth. Inspired by the love from his friends and family, he aims to bring the values of collaboration and team building into the professional world.

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